The first time Ban Ki-moon who is the head of international body and U.N. chief want to visit North Korea. Reported by South Korea`s Yonhap news agency.

At the end of this week the U.N. chief agree to visit Pyongyang and want to meet the South Korea`s leader Kim Jong Un. Ban KI Moon want to discuss the nuclear weapons program and other Korean peninsula matter of South Korea.

Before this trip there are only two U.N. Secretaries-General have visited North Korea — Boutros Boutros-Ghali in 1993 and Kurt Waldheim in 1979.

Ban Ki-moon`s official source confirm to this trip of South Korea. The Secretary-basic has consistently said that he is equipped to play any role in order to help increase dialogue, balance and peace on the Korean peninsula.”  With nuclear weapons program the U.N. chief play a great role about develop the Korean peninsula, to develop the relationship between two nation and international business, transaction policy etc.  “They cannot be this type of main issue the place the U.N. Secretary-normal visits North Korea and does no longer meet with the supreme chief of the U.N. Member state,” the source said.

“There are not able to be this kind of concern where the U.N. Secretary-general visits North Korea and does not meet with the supreme chief of the U.N. Member state,” the supply stated.

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