Popular smartphone brand Apple`s CEO Tim Cook said that agreeing to a court request to offer the FBI some assistance with breaking into iPhone belonging to one of the San Bernardino shooters would be “bad for America”, and set a legal precedent that would annoy numerous Americans.

“A few things are hard but not full, and a few things are correct, and a few things are both – this is something,” Cook told ABC News in his first meeting following the court request descended a week ago.

He included that the administration was requesting “what might as well be called growth” and that he wanted to converse with President Barack Obama straightforwardly about getting the debate “on a superior way”.

Apple’s CEO additionally said there ought to have been more dialogue with the Obama administration before the US Justice Department’s decision to seek relief from a federal magistrate judge in California.

“We got some answers concerning the documenting from the press, and I don’t imagine that is the way the railroad ought to be run, and I don’t surmise that something so imperative to this nation ought to be taken care of along these lines,” Cook said in a meeting being broadcast on “ABC World NewsTonight”.

The Justice Department needs Apple to get to encoded data put away on Farook’s area claimed iPhone 5C by composing programming that would impair its password insurances to permit a vast number of conjectures without deleting the information on the gadget.

Apple has said the solicitation adds up to requesting that an organization hack its own gadget and would undermine advanced security all the more comprehensively. Some real tech organizations have emphatically agreed with Apple while others have issued more quieted explanations on the significance of advanced security.

Verizon Communications Inc Chief Executive Lowell McAdam told Reuters Wednesday his organization underpins “the accessibility of solid encryption without any secondary passages”.

The administration has over and again demanded its solicitation in the iPhone case does not sum to “secondary passage” access.

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