After North Korea said it successfully tested a hydrogen bomb, The US has flown a B-52 bomber over on the South Korea`s sky. The B-52 swooped over an air base near the North-South fringe.

It exploded an underground system recently to across the board judgment, yet specialists stay incredulous about the case, Pyongyang told recently.

North Korean greatest leader and President Kim Jong-un said the test was a demonstration of self-protection to forestall atomic war with the US. “It is the authentic right of a sovereign state and a reasonable activity that no one can condemn,” he was cited by North Korean state and some of famous media as saying.

Taking after the test, South Korea continued TV purposeful publicity from speakers mounted on the fringe and the North countered with comparable telecasts. The two sides are in fact still at war, with the common clash that finished in 1953 deducing in a ceasefire as opposed to a peace arrangement.

The US is a partner of the South and said the B-52’s flight was a reaction “to late provocative activity by North Korea”. Lt Gen Terrence O’Shaughnessy said the US was “unflinching” in its dedication to shielding South Korea, and that incorporates “expanded prevention gave by our customary strengths and our atomic umbrella”.

Washington is considering sending a plane carrying warship to the district, Yonhap reported. There has been no reaction yet from North Korea to the B-52’s flight. On the off chance that might take weeks to affirm North Korea’s cases to have tried a hydrogen bomb, yet a few specialists said the impact was not sufficiently extensive to have been from such a gadget.

The test incensed North Korea’s fundamental associate China and the UN is taking a shot at new measures against Pyongyang, as of now universally detached from past atomic tests.

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