Novak Djokovic demands his just center is the Australian Open in front of the majors opening on Monday.

The Serbian won all bar one thousand hammer a year ago, simply passing up a major opportunity for the French Open, which means there is stand out way 2016 could demonstrate a superior year for the world number one than 2015, yet Djokovic is not losing trace of what’s most important just yet.

“It’s just the start of the season. It’s too soon to discuss what I may or may not be able to later in the season,” Djokovic said.

“I’m here to concentrate on Australian Open. I think, as every one of the players joining in the current year’s first amazing pummel, I might want to do the best as I can and battle for the trophy.

“2015 was the best season and greatest year of my life without a doubt. I delighted in each minute spent on the court.

“I’ll attempt to clearly convey that certainty and abnormal state of execution that I’ve had, particularly towards the end of the year, into the new season.”

Djokovic said his center in the off-season was adjusting work with rest to guarantee he could come into the Australian Open sharp and new.

“I’ve attempted to energize my batteries, invest however much energy with my family as could be expected. I essentially completed the season in London,” Djokovic said.

“I had a few weeks occasions, haven’t touched the racquet. That is imperative. Clearly tennis is my life. I appreciate playing it. I play a great deal of tennis. There are very few days in the year when I don’t have a racquet in my grasp.

“I quite anticipate that off-season period since it gives me some peace and peacefulness, permits me to accomplish something other than what’s expected, direct my regard for some different interests and diversions, only headings of considerations.

“That I think likewise then later on permits me to be crisp, to play taking care of business when I have to.”

The Serbian’s battle begins on Monday with a first-round match against Hyeon Chung, who the world number one portrayed as a rising star of the tennis world.

“I realize that he’s a tall individual. He hits really strong from back of the court,” he said.

“He doesn’t have possibly as capable of a serve as you would expect for his stature. In any case, I’m going to, obviously, do a tad bit a greater amount of examination and research there and get myself prepared.

“That is to say, we discuss the pretournament, pre-season sort of attitude and approach every year. Particularly having an adversary who is youthful, who has nothing to lose, he needs to appear to the world that he should be there.

“Obviously, that makes it significantly trickier for me.”

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