Manhattan District Attorney’s (DA) Office said that ‘Law enforcement should have access to encrypted data on smartphones’. They want to know the approaches of Google and Apple, whose Android and iOS operating systems encrypt the data. The report says, “The consequences of these companies’ actions on the public safety are severe”.

Recently, Apple refused an order from the court, order to unlock a smartphone that was an issue of a criminal case. “Smartphones are ubiquitously, and there is no crate in which prosecutors have not used verification from smartphones,” says the report.

“Evidence from smartphones has been used across the country to investigate and prosecute assaults, homicides, rapes, domestic violence, kidnapping, narcotics rings, larcenies, robberies and frauds etc.”

iPhone lock

A sequence of case examples is given, along with quite a few questions posed to Apple and Google enquiring about the nominal details of their encryption schemes and their policies of not adhering to needs to decrypt data. But Apple declares US adjudicator iPhones are impossible to unlock by breaking their security and Google also concern about their security.

The Manhattan District Attorney (DA) Office has before sent letters to both companies Apple and Google asking they’re some of these questions about decrypt of security. However, they got no responses from them.

Courtesy – BBC NEWS

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