World famous and US online retail shop Amazon said, it arrangements to create 16 highlight movies a year, declaring war to Netflix, whose African war dramatization “Brutes of No Nation” may be set out toward Oscar wonderfulness in February on Sunday.

“We need to win an Oscar,” Amazon manager Jeff Bezos told Sunday’s version of the German every day Die Welt. With its Prime membership administration, Amazon has put vigorously in boosting its video content, and like Netflix has gone into unique generation, both in TV arrangement and now in silver screen.

Amazon won five Emmys for the TV comic drama arrangement “Straightforward” this year. The element movies will hit the extra large screen and be rapidly accessible on Amazon’s online administration.

Netflix as far as it matters for its is focusing on 10 highlight discharges while generally multiplying its creation of TV arrangement to 31 one year from now. Bezos said he is likewise thinking about getting the rights to rebroadcast world football titles, for example, the English Premier League and Germany’s Bundesliga.

The Amazon manager likewise said he was anticipating the green light for an arranged “Prime Air” administration to convey retail merchandise to clients. “The innovation is now created,” he included, taking note of that Britain or Germany might get authorization to utilize the conveyance system before the United States.

Amazon, made in 1994, has sold books through the Internet since 1995 and has subsequent to quickly extended to different products and administrations.

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