Chinese web titan Alibaba said Friday it would purchase Hong Kong’s South China Morning Post, vowing to keep up the daily paper’s objectivity even with apprehensions it will lose its free voice.

The securing takes after weeks of theory over the eventual fate of the English-dialect daily paper and stress that it will end up being a mouthpiece for Beijing.

Alibaba to buy South China Morning Post

It comes during an era when worry over press flexibility in Hong Kong is developing after assaults on writers, reports of weight on article staff from powers and expanding self-control.

“(Alibaba) has gone into an unmistakable consent to procure the South China Morning Post (SCMP) and other media resources of SCMP Group Limited,” the Chinese firm said in an announcement, without indicating an entirety.

It said the deal would see Alibaba utilize its “computerized skill” to give “far reaching and adroit news and investigation of the issues on everyone’s mind in Hong Kong and China”.

The once universally eminent paper was established in 1903 and has long given worldwide perusers an insider’s viewpoint on Hong Kong and the terrain, yet benefits and deals have as of late been hit by an extensive decrease.

Perusers’ trust has additionally plunged as an all the more star Beijing publication strategy has not gone unnoticed in a city that saw several thousands take to the boulevards a year ago to challenge against territory impedance.

In a letter to the daily paper’s perusers taking after the declaration of the deal, Alibaba official bad habit administrator Joe Tsai promised the SCMP would be “objective, exact and reasonable” and have “the valor to conflict with tried and true way of thinking”.

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