Asian Development Bank (ADB) will provide $500 core us dollar within 3 year for development of BD.

Asian Development Bank (ADB) will finance 500 core us dollar to Bangladesh within 3 year which is equal 40 thousand core Bangladeshi currency.

Vice-chairmen of Asian Development Bank (ADB) Oneicang Jhong declared this decision last Sunday at Dhaka. After this declaration he leave Dhaka that night. For attending Bangladesh development forum (BDF) he declared this position of ADB. In that time he met the finance minister Abul Mal Abdul Muhit, secretary of finance ministry and other responsible person. They talk different issue internal and external economy planning, development and its process.

In that meeting Oneicang Jhong said, the growth rate increasing and per capita income day by day as well as increase financing of ADB. For Upcoming three year ADB taken different step for business and economic plan which is much benefited to economy in South Asian country Bangladesh.

ADB already invest in BD 300 core us dollar in recent 3 economic year and will invest 120 us dollar in current economic year 2015-2016 and next it will increase. This investment will use the infrastructure development of BD. Decreasing unemployment and rate of poverty from Bangladesh is one of the main goal of ADB and related org. investment. In this conversation Oneicang Jhong believe that BD need to infrastructural development mainly fuel, traffic system of Dhaka city, increase employment opportunity, development of money and capital market, easy SME loan system in urban area, Increase educational opportunity, proper medical service, develop local government power and acceptability and take different challenge for competitive world economy.

The country director of ADB Kajuhiko Higuchi was present and told different portfolio planning for developing of Bangladesh economy in that conversation.

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