A guide dog, whose kidnapping started a clamor in China, has been come back to its frantic handler with an expression of remorse note, state media reported on Wednesday.

Qiaoqiao, a seven-year-old Labrador was reportedly taken by a group of men on Monday, while being taken on a walk outside of the Chinese capital.


The narrative of her snatching and her visually impaired proprietor Tian Fengbo’s resulting misery prompted insult among Chinese netizens. She was discovered yesterday with a letter in a plastic pack on her neckline understanding: “We weren’t right… we ask pardon”. Tian said he could ‘scarcely eat or rest’ after

Qiaoqiao disappeared. “Qiaoqiao constantly went with me. She was similar to a companion to me. Presently I have an inclination that I’ve lost a dear companion,” Tian told neighborhood media after the puppy disappeared. with calls for harsher punishment for Chinese dog thieves. He said the canine had been living in his watch over five years and has following turned out to be a piece of his crew. Inhabitants in the zone where the pooch was taken said that there have been a progression of late canine burglaries.

The rationale of Qiaoqiao’s criminals stays indistinct yet it is basic in China for pets to be snatched from the lanes or even in the solace of their homes, by pooch hoodlums and sold to meat markets.

The dog meat is viewed as a delicacy in some Asian nations like China.

The incident began trending on China’s popular micro- blogging site Weibo after news of the incident emerged, with calls for harsher punishment for Chinese dog thieves. “but what kind of monster must you be to slaughter a blind man’s dog,” an angry netizen said. “Is this the kind of nation China aspires to be? Dogs are man’s best friend, not food,” said another.

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