Since Google started its business 4 September 1998, they launched their own browser in 2008. From its starting they gain their reputation because of its high speed and security. These qualities are less found in other browsers.  But considering the present situation whereas Firefox and Microsoft browser improve creating new edge browser for Windows 10, Google Chrome still has the edge in hacking contests.

GoogleGoogle Chrome has hundreds of millions of users throughout the world  installed on their computers and mobile gadgets but recently invented a security flaw might put that fame in jeopardy.

 After three months of research, a Chinese researcher have found the fault and built a proof-of-concept, he demonstrate at the recent PacSec conference. By  a simple game app with a bit of extra code in it, he made the phone to call out to a special server load up a webpage in Chrome having malicious code.

 And in consequence Chrome browser while visiting the webpage, a fault in the JavaScript system let the page to download another app that soon after took over the Android gadget totally.

In general, attacks that can have the control  total operating system it need multiple faults , various kinds of steps while some users input to work. The attack finally work when one is going with it and as soon as he or she installs a modified app or visits a malicious page then it’s finish.

Google Chrome

It is not just about Google Chrome , researchers are now in fear that any third party app that contains Google’s version of JavaScript, they will also be vulnerable.

Moreover this flaw is also found in desktop version of Chrome referring that hackers might use it to launch attacks against PCs and Macs.

But the matter is fortunate that Gong has yet not been published this method openly so that hackers might use it against others.

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