Barcelona took a massive victory with Real Madrid at Santiago Bernabeu. They defeated Real Madrid by 4-0 goals. Luis  Suarez plays a key role on this game. He performs two goals which ensures Barcelona a gigantic victory with Real Madrid.

It is Barcelona’s 10 th classic victory from their previous 15 matches with Real Madrid. Brazilian superstar Neymar and  Andres Iniesta assist Suarez in doing his job. Barcelona and Real Madrid’s match always been a very popular match over the world. It is believed that over 400m audiences have watched through media this fighting. Each team has their huge supporters in everywhere of the world that’s make it always a top news.


Real’s efforts and chances were thwarted by the inspired Claudio Bravo, played very well. Whereas Barcelona got their extra inspiration with the returning of the Argentine’s superstar Lionel Messi after two month injury. After all Enrique had enough confidence on Suarez and Neymar, played up front from the start.  This victory of Barca open up a six-point gap over Real at the tournament of La Liga.

Barcelona’s strategy end-to-end start has come to a right decision and they took the lead on the very early in the match just at 11th minute. However at the end of the match Messi and Neymar joined brilliantly to set up Suarez for his second and Barca’s fourth goal on 74 minutes. Finally Barcelona leaves the field having a decent victory with second nearest competitor team  in the point table.

Match Report R Madrid 0 4 Barcelona

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