A massive attack held on Paris, the capital of France. The attackers did it in Friday night at least 6 busiest places of the city. Due to this occurrence France has declared a national state of emergency and sealed the country’s borders. At least 153 people were led to death and hundreds others were injured because of gun and bomb attacks.

French president

The French officials confirms that among of the dead people about 112were were killed at Bataclan theater, 14  were  killed on Rue Bichat at the site of the Le Petit Cambodge retautant that is in the 10th district, about 19 people killed on Rue de Charonne which is in the 11th  district outside of a bar which name is La Belle Equipe and each four others died on Avenue de Republique in the 10th district and the outside of the Stade de France in Saint-Denis, north of Paris.

The most deadliest attack was occurred on the 1500-seat Bataclan hall where gunmen did open firing on a concert show of US rock group Eagles of Death Metal.

It is reported that about eight attackers participated in this horror attack. They use semi-automatic gun, Kalashnikov( AK-47) and detonated belt. A French police said that about four gunmen participated in this Bataclan Hall attack three of whom were wearing explosive belts and finally met with the suicidal death and the other was shoot down by police.

About 1500 extra military personnel are deployed throughout the city to ensure the safety and they suggest residents of the city to stay inside of their home. It was believed that all eight attackers have been killed but still it was unclear that if their assistants were on the run after the string of near-simultaneous attacks.

Over this terrific attack to support the French government worlds leaders express their condolence and all kinds of assistance. US president Barak says that it is a attack on humanity and their belief.

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