A magazine of the life of Somalia children which is in the part of northern Europe’s that is published in Sweden.

The primary task was distributed a week ago, and the manager, Musa Isse, trusts that the activity will prompt better incorporation and help youngsters to manufacture solid characters. “We need to empower their enthusiasm for perusing and composing while fortifying their social character,” Isse told Al Jazeera.

The title of the magazine, Carruurteenna, signifies “our kids”. Duplicates will be accessible in libraries and schools, and additionally in book shops. “We need the kids to take in the Somali dialect. This will fortify the correspondence bond in the middle of folks and kids to strengthen relations crosswise over eras,” Isse included.

Somalis constitute one of the biggest worker bunches in Sweden, with up to 100,000 Somali speakers. A significant number of them fled the Somali common war in the mid 1990s. Supporters to the magazine incorporate scholars, craftsmen and bookkeepers of both Swedish and Somali foundation. While most messages are in Somali, some are in Swedish or English.

A few segments will concentrate on memorable Somalia, to teach the kids about the nation before the war. “All together for the youngsters to manufacture solid personalities and the capacity to coordinate in their new home nation they should find out about their roots and history,” said Isse.

Conventional Somali youngsters’ stories will likewise be included. What’s more, an extraordinary character, Dalmar “the voyager”, has been made. It reflects a well-known Swedish toon bear, Bamse, who goes on experiences around the nation. Subsequent to Isse trusts it is essential for kids to have good examples, the magazine will likewise include individuals who have constructed fruitful vocations in Sweden.

At the introductory stage, the magazine will target Somali youngsters in Sweden and other Nordic nations. In any case, in the long run, its authors would like to achieve Somalis all over Europe

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