A historic election has been held in Burkina Faso after the country has got its independence in 1960. Country’s popular leader Roch Marc Christian is the country’s new president as he is the second civilian to become president according to the preliminary result which is released by the electoral commission. This commission on Thursday revealed that  Kabore who is the leader of Movement of People for Progress  party scored 53.5 percent of the total vote which is enough for secure the position to be the president.

Burkina Faso's President

Burkina Faso’s President

Kabore is now going to replace this position after rolling of Blaise Compaore who was in that position for a long time of 27 years since from 1987 to 2014. Actually he was a top assistant of former president Thomas Sankara in the time of 1880s. After that in October 1987 he led a coup Defeat and acquired this position. In a effort to lengthen his long term position by amending the constitution it caused Burkina uprising in 2014 and he then fled to Ivory Coast.

In this recent election Zephirin Diabre came in the second position after getting 29.6 percent vote. About 5.5 million registered voters has been participated in this Sunday’s election. Earlier this poll was fixed to be held in October which was postponed by the presidential guard in September.

After his victory hundreds of his supporters gathered in his campaign ground to celebrate and he is congratulated by Kabore who was prime minister and speaker of the parliament under Compaore.

In January Kabore opposed Compaore’s constitutional amendment that would have increased his power.

Most of the population of the country is of Islam religion. Burkina Faso gained their independence from France and its governmental and business official language is French.

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