This galaxy is recognized as Mrk 820 and is categorized as a lenticular galaxy — type S0 on the Hubble Tuning Fork. The Hubble Tuning Fork is used to categorize galaxies rendering to their morphology. Elliptical galaxies look like suave splotches in the sky and lie on the grip of the fork. They are decided lengthways the grip grounded on how oval they are, with the more sphere-shaped galaxies utmost from the tines of the fork, and the more egg-shaped ones neighboring to the end of the grip where it gulfs. The two spikes of the tuning fork signify types of unbarred and striped twisting galaxies.

Lenticular galaxies similar to Mrk 820 are in the evolution zone between elliptical and helixes and lie right where the fork splits. A nearer look at the presence of Mrk 820 discloses clues of a curved construction entrenched in a spherical corona of stars.

Nearby Mrk 820 in this appearance is a decent cross section of other galaxy types, casing practically every type found on the Hubble Tuning Fork, in cooperation elliptical and spiral. Most of the slurs and dots are aloof galaxies, but the protuberant bright entity at the lowest is a forefront star called TYC 4386-787-1.


Image credit: ESA/Hubble & NASA and N. Grogin (STScI), Acknowledgement: Judy Schmidt
Text credit: European Space Agency

Courtesy: NASA

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