Not for a year but for several consecutive years the man Bill Gates who is well known to all is gaining the title of world richest man. Of course, everyone is much interested to know about his house. Now take a look on his well known house’s some rare photos.

His house is located on Medina that is in Washington. His house approximately 66,000 square-foot, is famous for its design and the technology which enhance its beauty. This wonderful establishment took seven years to complete and cost about 63.2million.

Currently this house is worth $154,286,409 according to the new data and as of July 16,2015 this mansion has received about 227,639 views.

This mansion is a fruit of combined effort between Bohlin Cywinski Jackson Architects and Cutler-Anderson of Bainbridge Island, Washington. But it is notable that neither company’s website has information and images most possibly due to Gate’s privacy and security concerns.

It bears uniqueness because of its modern design and Pacific lodge style having classic features such as a private library with a dome shaped roof and oculus. This mansion also contains an estate-wide server system, a 18m swimming pool that has an underwater music system, a large gym about 2500 square foot and its charming driveways. Generally visitors are welcome with pins that automatically adjust temperature, music and lighting based on their choices upon entering a room. Moreover it is called an earth-sheltered house.

However, his mansion contains three bedrooms in the suburbs with a nice lawn. Bill Gates prefers to spend his money frugally and he is famous for his endless charitable donations. Although it can be said that this stunning house is sure to impress anyone. Here are 7 rare photos of his famous house.

#Picture 1:


Here you could see a huge aquarium added a living room style setting that enhance its beauty containing the world rare marine animals.

#Picture 2:

Outside of House

The picture shows the outside views of the house that has an impressive outlook. It is built into the hilly landscape, the residence and exterior designs are nestled into a vast evergreens area.

#Picture 3:

Glasss Wall

An attractive glass wall which is offering intimate blue lighting inset into a stone ceiling and that illuminate the space.

#Picture 4:

House Stair

Wooden made furniture screams luxury in the Gates house with dark hardwood floors contrast against brick and concrete walls that are really enhanced by perfect ceiling angles.

#Picture 5:

Open Space

Here the beautiful living room is open to nice outside views and has a modest television  that is serving as the private theatre with an overhead projection screen.

#Picture 6:

`featured room

In Gates room one will find the common use of glass and blue lighting and here’s the master bathroom is offering an array of textures and colors in its own design.

#Picture 7:

Outside View

Top floor is one of the most beautiful part of Gates house and is tucked away in its corner. It has a traditional covered patio opens to a blue floor illuminated by blue lighting and offering exquisite view of Lake Washington and Seattle.

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