After threat Los Angeles shut down more than 1000 public school on yesterday. More than 643,000 students at home to allow time for a full search. It was the first closure of the whole education system in at least a decade, officials said.

The message came less than two weeks after a wedded couple roused by Islamic State murdered 14 individuals and injured 22 others at a district office building 60 miles (100 km) away in San Bernardino. “In view of past situation, I couldn’t take the risk,” Los Angeles School Superintendent Ramon Cortines told a news meeting at a young hour in the day.

In any case, government authorities, who requested that not be recognized, resounded an evaluation by New York City Police Commissioner William Bratton that the choice in Los Angeles was an “overcompensation.” New York had gotten a practically indistinguishable danger that was immediately esteemed not dependable.

After more than 1,500 school area locales had been reviewed by sunset, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti surrendered that the message seemed to have been a trick.

“We can now declare the FBI has confirmed this is not a tenable danger,” Garcetti said, including that the occurrence required further examination yet “what we do know is, it will be ok for our youngsters come back to class tomorrow.

The threat message came via an electronic message, Cortines said. It is the first message of threat which affect in full education system.

They were not known of any other risky message to schools nearest the district, adding that they would issue additional full information on the threat later in the day, Officials said.

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