There is no doubt that everyone in the world wants to be rich. But it is not too easy to be a rich person. As there is hard competition you have to work hard and pay full of your attention to earn money. If you do not try hard then it is impossible to make money. World’s richest person Bill Gates once in a conference said, “It’s not your fault if you born poor, but it’s your fault if you die poor. There’s hardly any logic if you live in poverty. Actually wealth is waiting for you but you have to grab it by your hard trying.
Here mentioned 6 major difference between poor and rich.

#No 1: Rich have goals but the poor don’tRich

Setting up a fixed goal according to your mindset helps you to go more smoothly. It has been found that about 80 percent of rich people are focused on accomplishing some single goal where only 12 percent from the poor people. Without setting up any goal all of your efforts may come to a valueless.

#No 2: Rich are organized but the poor not

Before sleeping the rich mostly make a to-do list which help them to utilize maximum of tomorrow’s time where the poor start from the wrong way and jumbled with multi tasks finally meet with unfinished. So whatever you work try to do it with proper planning.

 #No 3: Poor prefer money than time where rich prefer time than money

It is true that we running after money by investing our valuable time. You may regain $1000 if you loss in your business but it is totally impossible to have your previous 1 hour again. Rich people put priority on time to fulfill their expectation and experience while poor are satisfied with money whatever amount it but don’t want for more time for better opportunity.

#No 4: Poor are hopeless but rich find opportunity

Poor people are afraid with what opportunities come to them thinking that it has been already used by others where rich people are passionate enough to examine it and working with it finally they are satisfied with their success.

#No 5: Poor people complain where rich love to praise

It is a common scenery that most of the poor people blames their predecessors for their condition and stay inside of their home being idle even they start thinking everything is wrong. But the rich people are happy what opportunities available to them start trying how to get benefitted by utilizing with this.

#No 6: Poor seek cheap advice where rich search expert advice

Poor people often listen to the opinions of others and seek approval from acquaintances and start believing these without any questionings. But the rich people are much aware to have expert advice even they are ready to pay for it until they are satisfied with the answers.

Hope it will benefit you to understand differences between the poor and the rich.

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