1. For long lasting, use a matching eye shadow for setting the eyeliner.
After drawing an eye lines dust an eye shadow of the same shade to set the liner.

2. Liquid liners are trickier than pencil liner.
Pencil liner provides steady process than a liquid eye liner.

3. For less pigmentation but more vibrant eye shadow use a white eye pencil on eyelid.
This will help to lessen the color of the skin and the color pop.

4. Draw a perfect line on the monolids, draw a thick arch by using a gel or liquid liner.
If the monolids hide the eye liners then by drawing an arched line above the lash line we can have a perfect size lines.

5. For brow highlighter, white eyeliner can make an instant eye lift.
Drawing a line above and below eyebrows with a thick white liner and then blending it with a sponge can define the eye brows.

6. For getting a natural look, applying a line between the lashes.
For getting an effortless natural eye draw a line on the top lashes from underside. This will help your eyes look more awakening.

Here an eyeliner video tutorial is given below:

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