You even can’t believe how diversity the animal sector is! As today I am going to present you some thrilling and amazing videos exactly for you. Animals are called those which can move spontaneously and independently by their own. Actually the word “animal” comes from the Latin word animalis, which meaning “having breath, “having soul” and “living beings”, that exactly “animal” always refers only to non-human members if the kingdom Animalia. As the scientists have already discovered many but still there many to discover. Mostly the animals from the deep ocean or deep jungle are still a wonder even today in this modern scientific era. Here are given 5 rare animal videos exactly for you that possibly you haven’t watched ever.

#No 1:  The Green Bush viper

This poisonous and woody animal is also known as the common bush viper and they are reds, oranges, grays, yellows, blacks, blues, olive, various shades of brown and the rare is green coloured bush viper. They are actually a fairy small and not much active animal. One can find this rare animal in an abundant forest bush viper from Nigeria to Western Kenya as well as from northwestern Tanzania southward to northwestern Angola as they love rainforests, open woodlands etc for their habitation.

#No 2: Blue Parrot Fish

This animal is the member of parrotfish usually found on coral reefs in shallow water in the tropical and subtropical parts of the western Atlantic Ocean and the Carribean Sea. Their heads are uniformly blue with a yellow spot and have pharyngeal teeth.

#No 3: Weird Purple Frog

Such weird purple frogs can be found in Western Ghats in India, also called Indian purple frog or pignose frog. Usually this frog keeps most of the year underground, rarely comes out only for about two weeks because of mating during the monsoon.

#No 4: Okapi

Though Okapi is closely related with Zebra but mostly similar with Giraffe and found in Congo specially in Central Africa.It’s ears are large, flexible and has a long neck. It usually look chocolate to reddish brown. They are active in daylight but may be appear in darkness for few hours.

#No 5: Cute Sea Pig

It is a genus of deep-sea holothurians which is commonly called as Sea pig or can categorize as some species of porpoise, dolphin or dugong. Germany, Russia, Hungary, Serbia etc are called Guinea pigs as sea pigs as they brought it from overseas.

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