USA is the largest export destination for Bangladesh product and service. Saw a strong 15.76 for every penny development amid the first quarter (July-Sept) of the current financial (2015-16), for the most part because of good execution of the RMG area. Bangladesh fares to the USA totalled $ 1554.76 million in the first quarter (July-Sept) of financial 2015-16 contrasted with $ 1383.13 million amid the comparing time of the past monetary (2014-15).The sum speaks to 20.04 percent of the nation’s aggregate fare profit amid the period or time.

As indicated by measurements aggregated as of late by the Export Promotion Bureau (EPB), the significant fares to the US business sector amid the period were woven piece of clothing ($ 1018.64 mn), knitwear ($ 417.56 mn), solidified shrimp ($ 3.54 mn), home materials ($ 30.57 mn) and top ($ 12.53 mn).

Bangladesh’s fare income from the US in financial 2013-14 were great with $ 5,583.62 million up from $ 5,419.60 million in monetary 2012-13. The fare in 2011-12 was additionally amazing totalling $ 5,100.91 million, somewhat down from $ 5,107.52 million in monetary 2010-11.

The real income in financial 2009-10, in any case, totalled $ 3,950.47 million, down from $ 4,052.00 million in 2008-09, generally as a result of the worldwide monetary retreat.

The 2009-10 monetary denoted the end of an ups-and-down period for Bangladesh fares to the US. From the strong $ 2.5 billion amid the 2000-01 monetary, fares had fallen beneath $ 2 billion by 2003-04.

Fares to the US climbed consistently to cross the $ 3 billion imprint in 2005-06, and topped at almost $ 3.6 billion amid the 2007-08 monetary.

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