We are eagerly waiting for winter. Our calendar says that we don’t need to wait a lot. Yeah November is coming with our winter. We suffered a lot in this hot summer as well as our body and skin.

We are excited enough for having winter. Are we prepared for it? After passing a stressful summer we really need an extreme preparation to survive in the winter. You must be laughing after getting the word “survive”.

Yeah!! We have to survive because in the lovely winter we forget about ourselves. Let’s see what problems we
may face in the winter.

    1. Skin becomes dry and rough.
    2. Cracked and rough feet.
    3.  Having flaky lips.
    4.  Hair getting rough.
    5.  Unusual dry hands.
    6.  Scaly condition of elbow.
    7.  Irritation of dry eyes.
    8.  Unexpected windburn.
    9.  Brittle of our lovely nails.
    10.  Itching of dry scalps.

Now it is really a must to have a great preparation for winter. Let’s check out 10 preparations which can make our winter enjoyable for us.

  1.  Choose a cream instead of a lotion as we need extra moisturizer in the cold air.
  2.  Take a short shower avoiding a long shower so that our body can keep moisturizers inside.
  3.  Use soap where it’s necessary most which helps not to dry our skin.
  4.  Apply a good moisturizer before rinse out water from body part to have a well moisturized skin all day long.
  5.  Avoid using hot water directly on the face and scrubbing skin so badly which can be chapped our skin.
  6.  To protect windburn a good sunscreen is a must.
  7.  A layer of sun protecting lip bum is really help to fight with cracked lips.
  8.  Hand gloves, hats, scarves, sunglasses and socks can work as a protector of blustery wind.
  9.  Hot coconut oil massage before shampoo works like magic for our skin.
  10.  Using coconut oil and good moisturizer is also a good idea to avoid cracking of feet.Following those tips is really a good idea for having a blast of fun in winter. So let’s not worry anymore, let’s have fun.
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