All puppies are charming, yet a few breeds have that additional “je ne sais quoi” that makes them overpowering. Thus, some of these breeds are prevalent in welcome cards, ads and other promoting materials.

1 – English Bulldog



There is something about these wrinkly, tubby, squat puppies that simply make people melt. Bulldog puppies truly make individuals stop in their tracks. It’s the reason they are so well known on welcome cards and print ads.

2 – Golden Retriever



There is something around a Golden puppy that makes everybody grin. They are utilized as a part of a ton of ads, and its a well known fact why—they are powerful.

3 – Labrador Retriever

cute dog

Another breed that gets a ton of broadcast appointment as a puppy is the lab. Also, we all know why: their rolly-polly bodies and sweet face could offer anything.

4 – Corgi

Corgi Dog, Dog, Corgi


With their short little legs and ears that are greater than their body, corgi puppies are totally delightful. To see one it so become hopelessly enamored quickly.

5 – French Bulldog


Like the Pug and English Bulldog, something about the Frenchie’s level face is charming. Couple it with those too-huge ears, and you have one charming pup.

6 – Pomeranian


As a puppy, this breed resembles a little teddy bear. Their fleecy coat, minor ears, and round eyes make it difficult to not have any desire to lift them up and nestle them.

7 – Cavalier King Charles Spaniel


In the event that there was ever a puppy breed that was destined to give her proprietor the “miserable look,” it would be the cavi. Nobody can oppose this face.

8 – Saint Bernard

saint bernard

Those enormous paws, secured in additional delicate hide, make the Saint Bernard puppy one of the cutest of the goliath breeds. The “miserable eyes” don’t hurt, either.

9 – Basset Hound

basst dog

This puppy has everything: short, wrinkly legs, huge amounts of free skin, ears that are too enormous, and those dismal eyes. Also how delicate those goliath ears are, they are certainly overwhelming.

10 – Pug

pug,   Pug
While their looks are marginally eccentric, you can’t resist the urge to grin when you see a pug pup. They make your day with their bug-eyes, kissed face and wavy tail.

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